Friday, May 29, 2009

i'm with stars


morning ol of u..

today's entry bout i'm wif stars..

myb its too late to tell ol of u..

olthou the event was finished on 21st of may 09..

but i'm delighted coz i can play with the stars from ol over the country..

am i speaking??yeah of coz..haha..

well this is the story..

it starts on 15th of may 2009..

1st event was single followed by doubles then mixed doubles and team event..

on the 1st day and 2nd day i was not performed very well..bcoz of wat??

only my teamates knew bout's really distracted..fuk u!!heh

but on mixed doubles i was paired with put...n everything is going well on dat day..

we were in 34th place out of 61 pairs on dat carnival..

well i talked bout MASUM 2009 @ UUM,Sintok,Kedah..

as captain of UMP tenpin bowling squad dis yer,i'm not targeting much but can

compete with other it ryte??wth!!

Pusat Sukan UMP targeted us will bring'em any kaler of medal..

but too dispointed we'll not performed very well..

so bit frustrated bout dat..

so no more sad thingy here..

here pic on that carnival..njoy guyz!!

some of us..(red stripes UMP,yellow UPM,blue UiTM,green UIAM)
white shirt-wei ling(UMS)

this is my team..UMP

wanna look more visit my facebook..

till then..daaa..


adibahrisha said...

30+ out of 60+ not bad laaa...congrate

aizul said...

yeah!! saya nampak iznie di situh!!

Wan SheVa said...

to adibahrisha:

hu2..leh la..
cannot compete wif them..
next year will b much better..

Wan SheVa said...

to ajoy:

idop msti d truskn..
i sapot u!!

TiNTa^_~MeRaH@Ti said...

alaaa takkan support ajoy je kot...aku nih...isk3..majuk2

Wan SheVa said...

to ummi izni :

hahaha..mane buleh..
ko kn tettttt..

ak akn sapot ajoy gak..

sng cite cmne lah cmne lah..
idop msti cmne lah..


ajoy i sapot u!!

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