Monday, August 17, 2009

ish macam2 lah..

when u hv free time..

wat u gonna do..

when u bored..

wat u gonna..

1st answer of coz SLEEPING..

2nd answer for sure HANG OUT..

for time muz b time for me to do homework..wahahaha..iye..

kamu nggak percaya??..siyes la..

my rum8s n i juz finished watching Thai horror movie "coming soon"..

s seen on cinema for the preview dat muvee looks like "very horror"..

after seen it 'omg'..not horror lah..

got 2 stars only..

ha..ryte now muz b "NURKASIH" fever..5stars

s u hv seen it on TV3 on friday nyte @ 9 pm..

dat muvee really touch my heart..n the storyline is interesting...

whoever not see dis muvee muz watch it..its compulsory..

i download it every week @ 12am on TV3 website..cant miss it..

adam n nuramina character was delivered well by Tiz n Remy..

dats ol for now..

wanna stdy test on wednesday..


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