Thursday, October 29, 2009


At one time I felt swaddled,warm, and secure, when wrapped in thoughts of you.Now all thoughts between us seem to sit with each one of us as blanketed in lies of a dream...That what it is and was... is truly a nightmare! To wake up naked in an ice storm chasing each other through rigid cold palaces in the dark.Red ,heated ,beating hearts, were only seen in the reflection of cold walls. A facade of smoke and mirrors.With you I thought the sheer thick hard jagged stone that beat in my chest was melting away as the razor shap daggers that had guarded the doors of entry. I thought it had turned as frost on grass that teases through a deceptive sun.That's all I am seeing the whole thing as now. Just deceptive sun raging in unknown places of the cold.As stainless steel that rubs skin it is a very unwelcoming feeling.


rAy jR...@...Aliff said...

owhh..i wish i could to..but wat to do dear...we're just another victims of modernization..f0rward we g0..but memories remains..

Wan SheVa said...


yeah finally u left a comment here..
yeah of coz..
do it ..
yeah..need to open new table..
new air new surrounding..
new LIFE!!

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