Monday, January 26, 2009

HaNg OuT WiF mUmMy N DaDdY

Today seems to b epy day 4 me..finally i got another chance to 'lepak2' wif beloved mummy n daddy..after shopping @ tesco..hmm phm3 je la eh after shopink..lapo kn..hak3..1stly my dad want took us lunch @ KLUANG STATION KOPITIAM..but i said dat the food not so taw2 jek..ala dh bese mkn kopitiam..bkn sodap pn..huk3..Then my dad decided took my mum n me s well to lunch @ UNBOYCOTT company..hu2..CHICKEN RICE SHOP..nyam3..


hmmm look delicious ryte..heh..wanna join pe ag..bwk la family p CHICKEN RICE SHOP..

another pics i wanted to share wif u epy today..yehaa..opsss daddy dh mkn..

so ak pn nk mkn..KLIK..c ya again..

da di du..

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