Saturday, March 14, 2009

slumdog millionaire besh..

Slumdog Millionaire is Golden Globe’s grand slam winner: winning the awards for best film, best director, best adapted screenplay and best original score.

This is one of the best films that I’ve seen!

Slumdog is a feel good film, one that most Malaysian’s could easily relate to. The movie is set in India, but the story and the adventures of the young Jamal and his brother Salim could easily be anyone’s story.

For me, this film gave me a glimpse of what I thought Bollywood films are.

This movie is really muvee evah for me..

anybody out there plzzz watch dis muvee though..u wont regret anything..

best muvee so far

slumdog millionaire
devil wears prada
harry potter and the series
iron man
batman the dark knight
the holiday
fast and furious
james bond's movies

by wan sheva...



mask said...

otw aku nk tgk...
pe2 ak komen ek

mr scrumpy said...

hoho..i guess dh abes tgk kn..ko post 8suku cite ni 2jam...

besh x??

=cHeM iN Me= said...

wah wah wah.......
nak tengok jugak!!!!!!

mr scrumpy said...


bes gle..

tgk la..

mntk kt mas cite tuh..

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