Sunday, January 31, 2010

for the best of my life

hola guys..
im so late..
nowadays counting days for my final year project to end..
i hope dat this 2nd round re-test will b success..
olthou many obstacles happened..
i pray to God ..
to help me with dis matter..

thanks to my guardian*my new fren just now..
he really gives me his full support..
never give up easily..
be wise..obedient..nice..friendly..
this is just d beginning of hard life u face..
i hope my friendship wif him never end..
im really happy he owez by my side..
no matter wat..
olthou we r 4rm diff background..
he really understands me..
i noe dat life wont break me..
when i come to call he wont forsake me..
a lot of love and affection..
whether im ryte or wrong..
thank you so much..
i luv u so much!!hehe

my journey so far is rough..
i hope i will cope wif dis..
ill try to be d best for my family..
never disappoint my parents..
for d sacrifice..
i luv u daddy n mummy..
wan owez remember ur advices..
i hope i can giv 'em happiness after dis..
and never forget 'em forever..


hans said...

final project ko sem nih?
ko wat apa>

maaflah kalau lari topik tapi nak minta tolong kamu vote entry saya yang bernombor 19 di blog

lebih mudah nak faham sila click entry ini dan harap sudilah vote entry no 19 saya tu..

terima kasih yer n promotelah dkt member2 sama suruh vote entry saya

Wan SheVa said...


ak treat wastewater 4rm palm oil using aquatic plant..

ak dh vote dh tok ko..
suke kn..heh..
t blnje ak..

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