Sunday, January 10, 2010

must visit n travel for me

hola epy weekend
cm nk wat marathon je arini
bkn lari2 tuh
nk post byk2 n3 baru..
1st of all
dis n3 tribute to me
must visit
sgt santek!
trime lah

Cliffs of Moher,Ireland

When to Go: Crowds dissipate in October, when you’ll also find the best swells.

Great Wall of China

When to Go: October’s brisk temperatures and lighter foot traffic make for ideal wall hiking.

Paris Skyline

When to Go: Winter. Yes, it’s chilly, but the twinkling lights and cold Seine breeze create a tableau that is pure Paris

The Matterhorn,Switzerland

When to Go: The trail to Lake Riffelsee is open from July to October; the later you go, the less crowded it will be

Grand Canyon,US

When to Go: March to May, before the RVs arrive

Machu Picchu,Peru

When to Go: June is a quiet month; on Sundays many tourists head to the nearby Pisac Market instead.

Tiger’s Nest,Bhutan

When to Go: April and May, for the spring flowers and Paro Festival.

Great Barrier Reef,Aus

When to Go: September and October, when visibility is at its best and whales are breeding.

p/s:ade sape2 nk join..jom lah!


rAy jR...@...Aliff said... d0wh..aishhh..mgidam nk g tmpat2 nature ni..ehem..

mUTe said...

Jom lawat melaka. haha

Wan SheVa said...

-rAy jR...@...Aliff-

haruslah tervaek..
pilihan wna sheva..
sile wat plan ye..
t sy folo..

Wan SheVa said...


kaya ngan khazanah an..
cm dh buhsan an..hehe

Hans said...

gamba mekah xde pn .. heehe ..

ijau said...

nak3x.. blanje ke kalau nak ikut?


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