Wednesday, January 27, 2010


im so sorry to ol my readers out there
ryte now im so busy
dun ave enuf time to update my blog consistently like others
so i hope u ols dun forget me..yeah!
my time management is awful
so myb i need to focus more on dat matter
but those who ave my FB or plan to add me
ure most welcome to do so
i on9 my FB ol d time
since my schedule is full
doin final year project like AIR MILO..
refer to my prev n3 yeah
with my final project was failed
and need to retest it once again
need to focus on my bowling training every wed thurs and friday
next week gonna take part in MASUM at UTM..
wish me best of luck guys!
and plant design too..
so complicated
so i need to set my goal
to finish my FYP early and concentrate on my PD and internship place
for now bye and take care u guys!


Primadona69 said...

ktorg tak rindu pun kat ko..

Wan SheVa said...


ckp je la ko rindu ak..
kalo x xbg komen la..

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