Friday, November 13, 2009

welcome to malacca

oh no..
oh crap..
cant make it..
its really amazing if final exam is over..
can go back home..
wat a waste!
dis is a perfect time to back home..
bcoz of 1 thing..


will be held at 52-lane Melaka International Bowling Centre 13-20 NOVEMBER..
great place..great surrounding..
but i dun go there yet
n it'll be my very 1st time if i can make it..

oh crap..

hopefully after finish my refining technology paper on tuesday
i can go back to my hometown
to watch n learn sumtin fom 'em
really a perfect time and place to meet 'em

oso can meet my buddies fom malaysian team and international members..
owh my MASUM buddies oso come..
well i hope u ol can make it..
and we can spend time at the city..yehaaa..

to siti safiyah best of luck!!

check out details here


rAy jR...@...Aliff said... goin thre dis hlday..kakaka

Wan SheVa said...


u r welkem 2 go there

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